Thrill, spill, near death experience, brown pants and eyes closed … yes, we survived the LA freeway !! After that, Disney rides look pretty docile, definitely less likely to die!

We decided to treat the girls to one final lesson in the magic of science and stop at Hoover Dam on our way out of Vegas. Geoff remembered a small piece from one of the few lectures he attended … something about the cooling technique for preserving concrete in a dam (I was obviously in the pub for that) … they hoped that we would close it up.

Then we headed for the road. The longest and scariest drive so far, and quite a lot of holiday traffic … so glad it happened at the end rather than at the start of the trip! But we made it safely, lowered the Tank (a bit late) and tried to conquer two children who were very eager to sleep well before our Magic Morning began.

Getting to Disney at the right time and nailing down the first two priorities of the girls – Space Mountain and Buzz Lightyear … is definitely good for them, and Eloise fixes her roller coaster early in the day, but it is also important for our sanity, so we can continue and enjoy the rest of the day without constant requests !!

Successfully checked most of our boxes – Splash Mountain, Pirates (not as scary as when I was 6 years old !!), Thunder Mountain, Indiana Jones … I even managed to make a Beeb on the Matterhorn by telling him it was just a “baby roller coaster” … unfortunately he sat behind me on the journey and made his feelings about my negotiation skills known, by volume, throughout, but in the end, he really wanted to go to Mount Guntur and was considering a trip back to the Matterhorn tomorrow … so today which was quite successful in all rounds, I say !!

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