Thailand (formerly called the Siamese kingdom) is famous for its tropical beaches, elephant sanctuaries, misty mountain views, colorful festivals, and shining Buddhist temples. Thai culture makes it a perfect family tourist destination. And where else will children see elephants painting pictures with their trunks!

Tips about temples – Buddhism is the main religion in Thailand and temples exist in every village, town and city. Visits to temples are not days on the beach, so there are no shorts or spaghetti tops. Things to know about Buddhist temples:
wat phra kaew chedi

Wat – A wat is a closed temple complex, with buildings such as chedis, ubosot (chapels for Buddhist images), viharn (ceremonial hall). Wat also functions as a monastery, where monks live.

Chedi – Chedi is a pagoda, a building with a spire above it, often in the shape of a bell. Chedi contains Buddhist holy relics or king’s ashes or princes.

Mythical creatures – Temples decorated with mythical creatures such as eagle (half human, half bird), dragon (guardian snake), sometimes many-headed, god (heavenly creature), yaksha (giant demon), and lion.

Ramakien – Stories and characters from Ramakien, Thai version of Ramayana, often appear in temple murals or as guard statues.

Pleasant food –

Thailand is a country of snacks and food every hour throughout the day. Here is our favorite snack: mango and sticky rice (rice made with coconut milk), fresh coconut ice cream, fruit juice popsicles (delicious on a hot day) and Khanom Discard, they look like small crepes with different fillings, like white meringue or filling sweet egg.
Fresh fruits and juices – Everywhere in Thailand, kids want to try fresh fruits, some new ones like dragon fruit, Chinese pears, red papaya, small bananas, and fruit drinks made from watermelon, banana, lemongrass, coconut, pineapple, mango.

Shopping –

Bring a separate suitcase for all your souvenirs from Thailand – wooden elephants and carved crocodiles, mini tuk tuks, lotus flower soaps, silk scarves and clothes, jewelry made of real orchid flowers, small umbrellas or sunshade umbrellas, bead elephant pillows.

Thailand family tour
Thailand is a wonderful destination for children, but there are so many things to do, it’s hard to choose.

This is our editor’s choice for a Thai family tour. Each travel plan offers trips with other families or custom tours, and a balance of organized activities and freedom to explore, from charming Bangkok to the adventures of the rainforest. Whether riding elephants, staying in hill tribe villages, exploring golden temples, canoeing river trips, zip-line adventures with monkeys, or snorkeling in sparkling blue waters, this tour company will arrange an unforgettable family vacation to Thailand:

Adventure of the Thomson Family
The Quivertree Family Expedition

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