Children already know a little about Japan if they like Japanese comics, learn martial arts, or eat sushi. Japan may look very modern, but this is a unique island culture, with a long history of tradition, embedded in everyday life. One tradition is an appreciation of nature – when your family goes around, when children shop for sweets, look for sweets made in colors and shapes according to the season.

Tip: A bullet train ride is a must. You can buy daily tickets in Japan, which saves money and also has difficulty determining ticket prices between points.

If you plan to take the train frequently, before leaving home, get the Japan Rail Pass (not available once you are in Japan). For more information, click here.

Japanese family tourism
Take a family-friendly trip through Japan, each trip plan offers special tours or trips with other families. Explore castles and temples in Kyoto and Tokyo, experience life on traditional farms, climb the Kumano Kodo Trail, take part in ninja workshops, cooking classes for sweets or sushi, try painting varnish or hand-crafted paper, visit monkey parks, soak in hot springs , this family tour company will arrange unforgettable trips:

The Quivertree Family Expedition
Adventure of the Thomson Family

Japanese children’s books

Japanese fiction children’s book One Leaf Rides the Wind
One Leaf Rides the Wind
Celeste Davidson Mannis, Susan Hartung
Luminous illustrations and descriptions of haiku reveal elements of Japanese gardens – pagodas, carved temple dogs, birds and bonsai, lotus and koi flowers, stone lanterns to light the way. (Picture book)

Favorite Stories of Japanese Children
Florence Sakade, Yoshisuke Kurosaki
A collection of delightful Japanese stories – the peach boy Momotaro, the long-nosed goblin, the magic teapot, Mr. Lucky Straw, warrior toothpick, Little One-Inch, and green devil. Twenty enchanting stories illustrated in charming folk art styles. (Chapter book)

Japanese children’s book The Perfect Sword
Perfect Sword
Scott Goto
“A sword is a samurai soul.” The master swordsmith makes the perfect sword, but who is worthy of being the owner? (Picture book)

Real Samurai
Original ninja
Stephen Turnbull, James Field
An exciting true story about the best samurai and the greatest ninja (secret warrior) in Japan. Read about training ninjas and samurai, special tools for breaking into castles, the secret of making swords, with full page illustrations. (Picture book)

A real old-fashioned Japanese non-fiction children’s book

Ghosts at Tokaido Inn (Samurai Detective)
Satan at the Teahouse
In Darkness, Death
A Samurai Never Fears Death
Seven Paths to Death
Dorothy & Thomas Hoobler
Mystery-adventure series, set in 18th-century Japan, Seikei teens uncover the theft of jewelery on the road to Edo, solve the loss of geisha in the teahouse, find who killed the nobility in his own palace, and find a smuggling ring in a puppet theater. In the final mystery, seven men are tattooed with a treasure map, a puzzle that leads to a secret plot. Every mystery is filled with Japanese history and knowledge. (Chapter book)

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