Australia Where else can children keep wombats, pythons, and blue-tongued lizards, hobnobs with platypus or emus, snorkel amidst tropical fish, touch brown starfish chips, feed kookabura and kangaroos, eat breakfast with koalas, see glimpse of fairy penguins and Tasmanian demons, and watch the stars in the southern night sky? Traveling with your family in Australia, children will have a field day! Sydney Warrumbungle National Park – Warrumbungle National Park, 550 km west of Sydney, has a stunning rocky landscape, which remains from the volcano millions of years ago. Enjoyable camping and hiking days. Campgrounds are not very formal and animals such as kangaroos, emu and wallabies roam the camp. Carnarvon National Park (Queensland) – The Carnarvon Gorge in the National Park is a deep deep canyon that is spectacular with […]